Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mustanging The West

I have been doing research on 'mustangs' for my newest website, www.MustangingTheWest.com, soon to be published. I learned something interesting - there is a difference between a wild horse and a feral horse. I had never even heard of a feral horse before, and what I believed the term 'wild' meant, was not necessarily so.

By definition, a wild horse is one that has previously been domesticated, then turned into the wild, to live, to reproduce and make other wild horses, and possibly finish their lives living in wide open lands. Wild horses exist throughout the world, having come from many breeds of domesticated horses.

A feral horse, among which is the true American mustang, is a free-roaming horse which has not been domesticated. The term 'feral' originated in 1604, and means fierce, brutal, wild. Mustangs were brought to the Americas by the Spanish. Distinguishing features, states the Encyclopedia, are that they are small, compact, good bone, and very hardy. It was a Spanish Mustang that appeared in the movie, Hidalgo, a long-distance race through a terrible desert to beat even the pure-bred Arabians.

Because the Mustang so aptly portrays the historic and pioneer spirit of the American Wild West, I thought it a fitting representation for my new website. I will let you know when the site is up and running, I expect within 2 to 3 weeks. It's theme will be 'All Things Western,' - and it will be chock-ful of articles to read - everything from equestrian and longhorn cattle, wildflowers to butterflies, bluejeans to southwest jewelry and handbags. Anything you want to know about anything the western or country life, in time, will be at this website. There will even be a place for your suggestions on what you would like to see next. You will also be able to shop for items along this same terrific theme for yourself or as a gift.

So get ready. I hope you'll visit. Now here's a cool music video on wild horses. Enjoy. Susie