Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009
Good morning to all. My first entry for my new blog has to do with personal fulfillment.
Mark Twain said, “Many times I have been sorry I did not succeed, but never was I ashamed of having tried.” This quote is framed and placed on my desk, to remind me that one must keep trying, in whatever endeavor our lives point us. We do not give up; we do not give in. Each of us has dreams and aspirations.
In my novel, The Sacrifice of the Sage Hen, the main character, Charlie West, undergoes a number of trials that set her back further and further from the dream she has envisioned for herself. She is only 19, and unhappy with the path through life that others have chosen for her. She tries to please them, to make it work. But she is feisty, headstrong, and often too outspoken, which more often than not gets her into trouble. However, happiness and fulfillment of her own desires is not something she is willing to forfeit forever.
I believe in personal fulfillment. Life is too short to let others call all the shots for you. We all answer to many authorities, but at what point does one decide enough is enough and step out on their own? I am not advocating disobedience to the law, but simply taking positive forward steps to fulfill your dreams.
A question for you readers. What is your personal dream, where do you see yourself in your future? Have you set goals in order to ensure their fulfillment? Share your thoughts with us. What steps have you taken to work out your dream?

Susie Schade-Brewer

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  1. I read this book The Sacrifice of The Sage Hen. I laughed, I cried and was totally captivated. What a good story. I loved Charlie! We all have our dreams, some possible and some not so possible. I felt her desire to please her husband but at the same time the need to be true to herself as well. Sometimes the sacrifices we make for our loved ones takes it's toll on our dreams but we can only hope that when life's journey has led it's path we will have appreciated the simple things and overlooked the rest. Life is a journey that we can only try and do our best and when it's over perhaps the one's we leave behind will smile when they think of us.
    To my Mom and Dad, I smile every day.