Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oops! The Price of Naivete'

My apologies. I was made aware that following the horse video from YouTube on my last blog post that among the subsequent videos that scroll across the bottom after the video is done, another plays that is kind of nasty as far as horses go. I will fix that as soon as I figure out how! Til I do, please just cover your eyes. :)

I have had some really good feedback on both my blog and my novel, The Sacrifice of the Sage Hen. I've had several comment that they really enjoyed Charlie, the gal that is the main character, and how spunky and independent-minded she is. One fan said the book just wasn't long enough - that her appetite had just gotten whetted (is that the right word?) before it was finished, and it only took her 6 hours to read.

I cut the original manuscript in two (from 110M to 57M words) at the recommendation of someone is an experienced writer of westerns, who said genre fiction will not sell if it is over 100M words. According to my readers, he was wrong. One good thing, though, I have a sequel well on its way to completion.

What is your experience in genre writing? Have you been advised the same as to length of your manuscript? I have read longer, and I have read shorter. Let me know where you think I should keep the length of the sequel.

Thanks so much, and have a wonderful and prosperous week!

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